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Liv Durst

Liv Durst
Pitty Stories is super pleased to introduce you to Liv Durst! Liv is currently following her passion and has just left our island state to study acting at BAPA. She is a multi-talented gem who is always juggling a fun project or two, whether it's working a festival, learning lines for a play, writing an article or giving expert wine advice (wine is a fun project!). Read a little more about her below and check out the awesome photos Candice Carlin captured of Liv in a secret space in the heart of Hobart.
PM: Who/what inspires you? 
Liv: Good theatre; I’m most inspired when I’ve just seen a really great production, or a good film or a stand out performance from an actor who makes interesting choices. Or when I'm pulling a script apart and I have a sudden revelation about a line or my character. And my mum and nan; their strength and character acts as a constant source of inspiration.
PM: What passion in your life are you pursuing? 
Liv: I’ve always loved theatre work; my youngest thought is wanting to study acting. I thought I was Julie Andrews a la The Von Trapp family singers. Fear and life took over for a while but I’ve always known and it’s always been there, and now I’ve just started studying acting at BAPA. Performance provokes thought, ideas and discussion in people like no other platform and I want to be a part of that. My other passion is spending my time on this earth doing things that are fulfilling and stimulating so that's what I'm trying to do.  
PM: What will the next 5-10 years bring? 
Liv: Hard work, poverty, insomnia, crying, travel and wine.
PM: Spontaneous or organised? 
Liv: I'd love to say organised but my ears would catch on fire. I'm a spontaneous, chaotic creature but I'm also methodical and I couldn't live without writing endless lists.  
PM: Online or in store shopping? 
Liv: In store. I'm a very safe shopper; I'll walk away before I decide to go back and buy something and if I do I'll wear it forever. I don't like mass consumerism and I don't buy a lot so I prefer to see things, feel the quality, try the cut of the garment and be sure of it than buy squillions of things cheaper online on a whim or that I'm uncertain about. I'm also the least internet-savvy person you'll ever meet so I couldn't online shop even if I wanted to. 
PM: What makes PM different? 
Liv: Pitty has always been the point of difference amongst Hobart's clothing stores and I think probably the only unisex fashion boutique in the CBD for a long time. It stocks small designers, local and ethical designers and it’s continuing to forge its identity through projects and collaborations with other creatives. I feel like Pitty is working off some very thoughtful, community-based, grassroots kind of ideals and I think that makes it a bit different. 
PM: What's the best part about working at PM? 
Liv: Well the worst part is that I've just finished working there! The best part is the sense of community you feel, through working alongside Criterion Street's other small businesses, to the daily conversations had with customers, to being a part of projects such as this! Also, working for and alongside my fellow pitty gals was every day a joy. Oh, and being in a delicious cafe sandwich is really good too. 
PM: Favourite buys? 
Liv: My Assembly Label Boxy Tee and my lemon myrtle & campfire Posie candle. 
PM: Favourite places in Tassie? 
Liv: My grandparents’ old property in Campania, the Overland track, some spots along the Port Arthur coastline and the south-west coast. Coordinates are best kept secret! 
PM: Why you love Tassie in three words: 
Liv: Paradisal, unpredictable, friendly.  
Liv is wearing Assembly Label, Brixton and Article 22 - all available at Pitbull Mansion.
Photography: by Candice Carlin (
© 2017 Pitbull Mansion.  All rights reserved.

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